Happy birthday Cindy!

16:45Daniel Weiss

Cindy Crawford without make up 
Cindy is 50 years old now, at first I thought I made a mistake because she look like 40 years old, but she is really born 20 february 1966. Photo of the top is Cindy without make up picture that she share on her Instagram. But she use a lot of cream I think it is one of the reason she look younger, her trade Meaning Full Beauty cream seems to be perfect!

Her daughter Kaia look her very much, she is actually 14 years old, like her mother she start modelling, and she seems to be very kind. I suppose her mother work a lot, it should not be easy to have a strong education, but she seems to be fine.

Kaia & Cindy, daughter & mother (Take care daughter is in the left side of the picture !)
The boy is a model too, he is a little bit older than her sister, maybe he is 16 and like his sister he seems to be kind, and not stupid like most of the boy at his age, for example doing the inverse of the reason just to do like friends.

Cindy Crawford with her husband Rande Gerber, and her childs: Kaia & Presley

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