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Becoming Cindy, new book, new tour

22:28Daniel Weiss

Cindy Crawford has written a new book, it is about her carrer like top model and she give in her book many tips to be like her, feel good with your body and with fashion, tips to make a beautiful selfie for example, and more.

During the past Cindy made a video for TV, it is about sport and fitness, and she sold million of this videos, and I hope with this new book too !

You can have more information on her new website that she updates, for example in her website you can have the dates of her becoming tours: New York , Miami , Dallas, London, Miami and tour will finish in Los Angeles in October the 15.
Cindy Crawford covered of french magazine Elle in September 2015

I hope to find her book in French, because for moment I'm always interested by fashion history, and Cindy Crawford is a real specialist of fashion, and I should find a lot of good information in her new book !

I finish this post to say that Cindy always work a lot, it is great she wrote a new book for her fans and people, but I wonder how she can do it, working so much!
Cindy with red dress in a sofa, red like important , blood, and hart 

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