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Cindy Crawford with swimwears

16:45Daniel Weiss

Great picture of Cindy Crawford with a black with little white dots bikini lying down the sand.
Cindy Crawford in a white bikini
Summer is coming fast, a proverb say in April don't get undress even a string but in May do what you want, and one week before May it is possible to show photos of Cindy Crawford in swimwear, because she is very hot, and proverb could change date range easily one week or two before May but only for the case Cindy !

Cindy can do a shooting in winter with the snow, she make heat and liquefies everything or everybody who comes near her, she is a real star.

But posting is nothing, better to see photos and two videos diaporamas of Cindy Crawford wearing swimsuits, music coming from coming from Lenny Kravitz, just be a woman for the first video and coming from Nirvana, just like a teen spirit for the second link:



And for women, have a look in this new non official swimwear store with fashion swimsuits and bikinis for this summer 2015: http://swimwear.cindycrawford.biz

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