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Cindy Crawford had her brother who died from a blood deasease, a person in my family too, lot of people have blood deaseases. Since this tragical event, Cindy always give help to hospitals to delete deseases around blood. People in hospitals are doing the best they can do, for example real human blood solidarity exist with hundreds and thousands of persons giving blood for persons to stay alive; but in real people who have blood diseases wait long time to have blood, and they receive just enough to stay alive and again they have to wait a long time to have a little bit more blood.

Blood arrives slowly and not a lot, and people can help this human solidarity with money, and in the case of Cindy Crawford, her beauty, her smile, touch people harts and they donate. As Cindy writes on her tweeter, you have to watch this video, Marly a 6 years old girl who need a bone marrow transplant:

Cindy Crawford at Jimmy Choo Boutique
Cindy Crawford was joined by Delete Blood Cancer co-founder Katharina Harf at Jimmy Choo's Rodeo Drive boutique, where guests showed their support for the foundation dedicated to registering bone marrow donors.

Delete Blood Cancer DKMS began with the Harf family’s search for a bone marrow donor in 1990. Since then, the organization has registered over 4.5 million donors globally and provided more than 40,000 patients with a fresh start.

To donate or learn about Delete Blood Cancer DKMS, and find more info click here.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Cindy Crawford, Jimmy Choo director of entertainment relations Sara Riff, Katharina Harf and The Hive co-founder Melissa Magsaysay

Cindy Crawford and Cat Deeley

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