Cindy & Rande with Casamigos Tequila

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Casamigos means house of the friends in english.
 Casamigos Tequila is trade create by three friends: George Clooney, famous actor of hollywood, Rande Gerber the housband of Cindy Crawford, and Michael Meldman. They want to share to people the best experience that they have with makings of a great tequila and you necessary have to taste with your friends too.

Casamigos tequila awards

We can read that like perfume, actors, celebrities, people, like to have their own trade that correspond to them personality, for example Tequilla Casamigos is smooth like Georges Cloney.
Vanity Fair magazine write an article about Tequila and people and we can read that Casamigos belong to the best tequila: celebrity tequila taste test. You can read most of the awards on the official website Press

Tequilla Makings

Tequila in spanish "el tequila" is an alcoholic beveurage made with Agave Tequilana, an exotic plant with sugar from Mexica near the family of Mescaline. Like grapres, houblon, agave contains sugar,  and a natural process call fermentation, transform sugar in alcohol. Sugar juce become wine or beer or tequilla under 15% of alcool. In a second time distilation is a process to increase alcohol degrees untill 100%, and that capture the  flavors and perfume of the Agave. Of course our 3 friends select the best agave from Jalisco we can find in Mexica, and process of fermentation is low, that take time, and that give a better and smooth taste to the tequila.

Different kinds of tequila

“Our idea was to make the best-tasting, smoothest tequila around. So we did.”

There are different kinds of Tequila:
  1. the white tequila or silver that just come out from second distillation, and contains only the spirit of the Agave.
  2. The gold young tequila is obtained with white tequila and caramel flavours or glycerine, or sugar base syrup, or mixed with aged tequila in oak barrels.
  3. The aged tequila, reposado, Anejo, is white tequila that is in oak barels for a minimum of one to three years for the old tequila.
To have more information with the differents flavors of Casamigos tequila and production process please click here

How to drink tequila

“Let the tequila be the star of the show”

Tequila is used to be sip in little glass, pure, gold or aged Tequila. It is possible to put salt in the top of the hand, green lemon between thumb and index finger, and lick salt, then sip tequila, and then eat green lemon, that give an other taste, and good, to the tequila. Sangrita is mixed with tomato juce and chili pepper, it is good too to sip sangrita and tequila
Tequila is good too in many coctails, you can find in official Casamigos Tequila website more than 50 recipees of cocktails interesting to do.

DRINK with moderation

“Tequila filled nights with friends”

This is a little humor video to prevent people to drink to much tequila even it taste good. If not, it is possible to wake up we never know with who and what happened during this night with this friend, and that can have a real different taste, but not necessary smooth , ... or yes so you really have to take care !

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