Great being back in Paris

21:45Daniel Weiss

Cindy back in Paris for Meaningful Beauty with Cat Deeley & Stephen Knoll
I like to follow Cindy on facebook and I just see that Cindy and  her daughter Kaia crossed United States and Atlantic ocean and they arrived in Paris yesterday.

Actually Cindy Crawford use to appear in Oprah masterclass, you can see here her last interview:

Full Episode: Lifeclass with Cindy Crawford

Always young with her beauty cream, you can visit her official website here:

Meaningful Beauty

Cindy Crawford and Kaia near the Eiffel tower

Cindy & Kaia @Paris

Mother and daughter in Paris, you can see more pics in
Cindy Crawford & Kaia Hit The Streets of Paris

Yesterday I was in Marseille and I pictured this shoe, I was seeking the woman who is so high and losted it, but now I think I found Her and maybe now she should be in Paris ? !!!

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