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09:05Daniel Weiss

Olympic fever taking hold in Cindy Crawford house. So she picked up this little hat.
I took this photo because Cindy make me laugh, she is funny with this international hat!

By the past I had a lot of good idea about the world, internet, freedom, and sport.

Today symbols are destroyed, in real, in virtual and in my mind too.

That make a mix, and I need time to write right things, or false things! ;)

For sport for example, some sportsmen use to take steroid, and they say, oh no I never take this or if I take I didn't know it. Of course a lot of sportmen don't take steroid, this phenomen is limited to bike competition for example, or body building with protein powder diet, and not at all for fashion, like alcohol, a real sportiv drink water and only water!

Because Olympic Game please me a lot too, I put two more pictures of Cindy Crawford about sport, and of course a link to the video: cindy crawford workout.

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