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Ranking Cindy Crawford

19:38Daniel Weiss

Cindy Crawford nude fine art model
Cindy Crawford with swimwear and captain hat
It should be possible in few time because I'm already on the third page of Google result with keyword Cindy Crawford and more I add new content and more a website go up. Lot of people come to visit this fan blog and for me it is a good surprise because it is very quite too.

As some persons know Gogol means crazy crazy and some persons always say to me that I'm crazy. Gogol can understand me and me too, that is a good thing to be crazy sometimes.

But with women, never I will try to understand them, you can be sure they are crazy, and Cindy Crawford more, and only crazy bloggers are high in Google results because they do not know anything about women or fashion but in fact together they have answers and that is logic for a crazy search engine to put them high!

Cindy Crawford Festival de Cannes 2013
Look at that beauty pictures, how is that possible to be so beautiful and sexy at the same time?

Cindy with a usa flag color bikini, that should be high in Gogol result only if Cindy let the top of her swimwear on her breast. If not, posting with nude pictures of Cindy should afraid Google, and the post or url is low in results, but even the rank is low in gogol result the trafic is high and almost egal or to trafic of the top result, for Gogol keyword around sex need to be rank low to have higher trafic. 

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