Cindy and the Muppets

11:41Daniel Weiss

Muppets Show arrived in France 15 or 20 years ago, popularity of this show increase more and more, at 20 hours million of people watch it, that was a phenomen, and very funny.

 At a moment Muppets Show start to invite celebrities and one day for our pleasure Cindy Crawford appears in this show.

Here is the link to watch the videos:

Cindy with the frog kermit
During her interview with Kermit the frog, Cindy appears like a young teen interested by money and clothes first, that was the feeling and image that she gave during her top model carrer ascension, and the fact she plays her own role like a teen is really funny, in other words, she has got a lot of humor too, and she is humble in font of the image she carries.

You can read more about Muppets Shows Episode 105 with Cindy Crawford here:

And to finish this post, a link to my favorite funny song of Muppets Show, Mahna Mahna:

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