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Cindy, Kate & Claudia Google Angel's

00:56Daniel Weiss

Cindy Crawford is channeling Charlie’s Angels and #JacylnSmith 

Of course this picture is from Cindy Crawford official facebook & twitter not from me.
I copy and past statistique or number of web pages view of my blogger account.

For the first time of this three blog the  blog arrives in two about the number of view pages and since 10 days the number of page view really increase and I wonder if in one month Cindy blog should be first about view pages.

Maybe it is because of Google because this summer I write a new program, I ever say that I'm first interested by beauty but it is also a real work and I develop this domain .biz for that , I made a fashion video and photo repertory with content, it is a mix feed program, the only one because I made it by myself, nobody have the same.

It is a little program and nothing because the model on the internet is Google program, and for this blog the model is Cindy Crawford.

Very little program because 21000 pages in two or three years is nothing to compare to Google who has got half of the planet connected at the same time , 2 or 3000 millions of people a day, maybe 

So I can say that only in the internet god is Google, and their angels are Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss, but first we have to know that Google is nothing without websites, models are nothing without fans and more little they are and many and more Google and them models angels are high !

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