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20:10Daniel Weiss

No official Twitter rss feed url since the last upgrade of  the 10 June!

 A lot of websites use an url of gave before this new upgrade and a lot of webmasters, bloggers, put the lasts tweets on the dot com or blog they have, and actualy twitter url streaming is stoped and we can read only a cash copy until the date of the upgrade. Actually nobody know the url of the twitter rss feed that worked before!

We are in summer , a lot of persons and developpers first are in holidays but not all and some geek have always a solution! In fact we have the feed and the lasts tweets direct from the origin or from the user account twitter adress.

Rss twitter adress feed is coded with rss langage and source or origin page is code with html langage, the solution is to create a reader not from the rss langage adress but from the normal address with langage coded in html

One hour for me to do a html reader. This reader program is coded in php an other langage to create the html reader. But if I do that I'm going to loose my beautiful brown skin because I stay behing a computer screen and not sun, and maybe one day I will have a big bear too!

But with Cindy Crawford that is different, for me she is an example and to be a supermodel need to work hard and I'm lucky to have a real attractiv coach for a brain training with web langage !


Here is the link to my php Cindy Tweet reader program with the 20 lasts tweets of Cindy Crawford:

20 lasts Cindy Crawford Tweets

Emergency code for summer to be embed in your web page to have the lasts Cindy Tweets:

 <i frame src="" width="320" height="500"></iframe>


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