Fear of dogs - How to react

19:30Daniel Weiss

I read that Cindy Crawford have a particular relationship with dogs, she have or had in the past fear of them! Can be funny for most of people, because dogs are kinds , like to play, receive orders from humans and serve them, and in return humans give them good treatment. Yes it is true in an ideal world, but in the real world, a lot of humans would like to eat dog food only to survive, and some persons who have too much food, don't give good treatments to animals.

We all have a personal relationship with animals, and I would like to explain my relationship with dogs, because in the past, I feel me too , a fear about dogs, and I ask some person around me, I 'm not the only one, and maybe about 10 persons on 100 have ever feel a fear about dogs, and I would like explain it's normal and more, should mean good health for person who can feel that feeling of fear with dogs.

At first the fear is a normal feeling, and without this feeling we can't stay alive. Dogs look like wolf too, and this wild animal can eat us, it is a predator for animals and also can be a predator for humans in specials cases. I would like to explain that fear is good to stay alive, dogs like wolf can represent a danger: they big teeth and if a dog bite you, it hurt very much.

In Egyptian antiquity, Wepwawet is a god with human body and the head of a dog or represented only like a dog on hieroglyph. People who stay in paradise are afraid of him and won't go in hell, and bad person won't go in heaven because they are afraid of him too, dog and fear in this both case are drawn on papyrus is a strong representation of protection.

Dog to prevent us from a danger, and dogs can bite a bad person who want us bad things.

Let's speak again about this fear of dogs with good examples to really take care of them and how to react if a bad dog comes. First natural reaction if the dog  is big and agressiv, running, and fast, so you stay alive, normal and good reaction! In other case and good reaction is not to move or run, and the dog smell us and go away from itself.

Some dogs bites because don't like bicycle or people runing doing footing for example, sometimes a dog can run after a bicycle, but persons who use to ride, are use to kick dogs teeth too. One time I was young I ride a bicycle and a stupid dog bite me, that hurt me much and I do not know how to react. I like dogs but I was so angry that I pass again with my bicycle, the dog try to bite me again, but I give it a good and strong kick in his teeths! I pass a next time and this bad dog didn't want to run after my bicycle, but others yes, the kick I gave to it was enough.Today if I ride a motobike or a bicycle, and if a bad dog come, I'm ready to kick his teeth, and the bad dog go away immediatly, and my fear of dogs has desapeared!

Other advice and good reaction to have with dogs, for example if a beautiful and kind dog comes, first you have to put one hand open in front of you, and it will smell, means, all is ok. You can touch the dog, it will be happy. If not, dog doesn't smell, you have to paid attention and always the best method to react is to kick the dog nooze, but first stay ready to kick and you look at it in his eyes, only look the eyes, and it will leave from itself because you are ready to kick, the dog can read it in your eyes too, and how you stand ready to kick. And if you have never kick dog nooze because you are to afraid, or too much hart for it, but like a disease hart, I give the last advice to do a training with a little and agressiv dog , lot of persons have dog like that, very little and agressiv, that bite if you want to touch it, so try , ask for people who have dog like that, give it to you for training, little dog won't bite again and person who have it say thanks a lot, my dog never bite again a person since I give it 5 min for training! Your fear will slowy desapered, and you can repeat the training with other dogs until you are fed up doing that because your fear of dog will totally disapeared.

To finish this article with dog and fear of them, one of my photo I took for me, it is a female dog call Taika, a kind dog, but very big! This dog  like to be taken in photo, it is funny, but some animals like some person, have naturals habilities for pictures, and I want to proove that me too with this picture and should receive encouragment like Cindy Crawford because it is more safety and beautiful  working with human fine art models than dog, but in photography, sometime not!

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