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mercredi 21 mai 2014

Great being back in Paris

Cindy back in Paris for Meaningful Beauty with Cat Deeley & Stephen Knoll
I like to follow Cindy on facebook and I just see that Cindy and  her daughter Kaia crossed United States and Atlantic ocean and they arrived in Paris yesterday.

Actually Cindy Crawford use to appear in Oprah masterclass, you can see here her last interview:

Full Episode: Lifeclass with Cindy Crawford

Always young with her beauty cream, you can visit her official website here:

Meaningful Beauty

Cindy Crawford and Kaia near the Eiffel tower

Cindy & Kaia @Paris

Mother and daughter in Paris, you can see more pics in
Cindy Crawford & Kaia Hit The Streets of Paris

Yesterday I was in Marseille and I pictured this shoe, I was seeking the woman who is so high and losted it, but now I think I found Her and maybe now she should be in Paris ? !!!

dimanche 9 février 2014

Cindy JO & sport

Olympic fever taking hold in Cindy Crawford house. So she picked up this little hat.
I took this photo because Cindy make me laugh, she is funny with this international hat!

By the past I had a lot of good idea about the world, internet, freedom, and sport.

Today symbols are destroyed, in real, in virtual and in my mind too.

That make a mix, and I need time to write right things, or false things! ;)

For sport for example, some sportsmen use to take steroid, and they say, oh no I never take this or if I take I didn't know it. Of course a lot of sportmen don't take steroid, this phenomen is limited to bike competition for example, or body building with protein powder diet, and not at all for fashion, like alcohol, a real sportiv drink water and only water!

Because Olympic Game please me a lot too, I put two more pictures of Cindy Crawford about sport, and of course a link to the video: cindy crawford workout.

mercredi 11 décembre 2013

Cindy and the Muppets

Muppets Show arrived in France 15 or 20 years ago, popularity of this show increase more and more, at 20 hours million of people watch it, that was a phenomen, and very funny.

 At a moment Muppets Show start to invite celebrities and one day for our pleasure Cindy Crawford appears in this show.

Here is the link to watch the videos:

Cindy with the frog kermit
During her interview with Kermit the frog, Cindy appears like a young teen interested by money and clothes first, that was the feeling and image that she gave during her top model carrer ascension, and the fact she plays her own role like a teen is really funny, in other words, she has got a lot of humor too, and she is humble in font of the image she carries.

You can read more about Muppets Shows Episode 105 with Cindy Crawford here:

And to finish this post, a link to my favorite funny song of Muppets Show, Mahna Mahna:

lundi 2 décembre 2013

Ranking Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford with swimwear and captain hat
It should be possible in few time because I'm already on the third page of Google result with keyword Cindy Crawford and more I add new content and more a website go up. Lot of people come to visit this fan blog and for me it is a good surprise because it is very quite too.

As some persons know Gogol means crazy crazy and some persons always say to me that I'm crazy. Gogol can understand me and me too, that is a good thing to be crazy sometimes.

But with women, never I will try to understand them, you can be sure they are crazy, and Cindy Crawford more, and only crazy bloggers are high in Google results because they do not know anything about women or fashion but in fact together they have answers and that is logic for a crazy search engine to put them high!

Cindy Crawford Festival de Cannes 2013
Look at that beauty pictures, how is that possible to be so beautiful and sexy at the same time?

Cindy Crawford top model in swimwear

Cindy Crawford fine art model

mercredi 2 octobre 2013

Cindy, Kate & Claudia Google Angel's

Cindy Crawford is channeling Charlie’s Angels and #JacylnSmith 

Of course this picture is from Cindy Crawford official facebook & twitter not from me.
I copy and past statistique or number of web pages view of my blogger account.

For the first time of this three blog the  blog arrives in two about the number of view pages and since 10 days the number of page view really increase and I wonder if in one month Cindy blog should be first about view pages.

Maybe it is because of Google because this summer I write a new program, I ever say that I'm first interested by beauty but it is also a real work and I develop this domain .biz for that , I made a fashion video and photo repertory with content, it is a mix feed program, the only one because I made it by myself, nobody have the same.

It is a little program and nothing because the model on the internet is Google program, and for this blog the model is Cindy Crawford.

Very little program because 21000 pages in two or three years is nothing to compare to Google who has got half of the planet connected at the same time , 2 or 3000 millions of people a day, maybe 

So I can say that only in the internet god is Google, and their angels are Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss, but first we have to know that Google is nothing without websites, models are nothing without fans and more little they are and many and more Google and them models angels are high !

lundi 15 juillet 2013

Rss twitter url upgrade

No official Twitter rss feed url since the last upgrade of  the 10 June!

 A lot of websites use an url of gave before this new upgrade and a lot of webmasters, bloggers, put the lasts tweets on the dot com or blog they have, and actualy twitter url streaming is stoped and we can read only a cash copy until the date of the upgrade. Actually nobody know the url of the twitter rss feed that worked before!

We are in summer , a lot of persons and developpers first are in holidays but not all and some geek have always a solution! In fact we have the feed and the lasts tweets direct from the origin or from the user account twitter adress.

Rss twitter adress feed is coded with rss langage and source or origin page is code with html langage, the solution is to create a reader not from the rss langage adress but from the normal address with langage coded in html

One hour for me to do a html reader. This reader program is coded in php an other langage to create the html reader. But if I do that I'm going to loose my beautiful brown skin because I stay behing a computer screen and not sun, and maybe one day I will have a big bear too!

But with Cindy Crawford that is different, for me she is an example and to be a supermodel need to work hard and I'm lucky to have a real attractiv coach for a brain training with web langage !


Here is the link to my php Cindy Tweet reader program with the 20 lasts tweets of Cindy Crawford:

20 lasts Cindy Crawford Tweets

Emergency code for summer to be embed in your web page to have the lasts Cindy Tweets:

 <i frame src="" width="320" height="500"></iframe>

For any tweeter account:

 <i frame src="" width="320" height="500"></iframe>

For example for having Kate Moss tweets:

<i frame src="" width="320" height="500"></iframe>


mardi 7 mai 2013

Beauty cream commercial: Meaningful Beauty

Cindy Crawford is a real beauty, she is 47 years old and look like 10 years less, what is her secret?!

Here is some add I found about this beauty cream and that explains different secrets: how this beauty cream is composed, how principes act, etc

There is a lot of Meaningful Beauty videos and advices coming directly from a lot of women who use this beauty cream, they upload their own videos on youtube, visit this page and you will see that is more than add, it's true, and all are beautiful and look younger :
Two official youtube add in english for MeaningFul Beauty (there are many in different langage):
Composition of the cream, the melon, it is natural:

Google Add Meaningfull Beauty with Cindy Crawford

Example of add for Meaningful Beauty on an internet website.

And close this post, I subscribe for having an amazon account, so you can click on this add for buying meaningful beauty cream easy